Healthcare Exemptions

Qualifying for exemption from fee for not having coverage:

If you have the financial ability to pay for health insurance but opt out of purchasing it, you are required to pay an “individual shared responsibility payment.” This fee is simply 1% of one’s annual income, or $95 per person paid annually, whichever is higher. This fee will increase yearly. The fee for an uninsured child is $47.50 per child, and the most one family is required to pay in 2014 is $285. This payment will be made at the time you file your 2014 taxes.

To qualify for an exemption, you may

  • Be insured for three months of the year or less
  • The lowest-priced coverage available totals to more than 8% of your household income
  • Belong to a federally recognized tribe or are eligible for Indian Health Services
  • Be a member of a religious group which objects to insurance, social security, or Medicare
  • Not lawfully be present in the US
  • Be incarcerated, and are not awaiting the disposition of charges against you


Another kind of exemption that one may qualify for is a “Hardship Exemption.” This includes but is not limited to homelessness, eviction within the past 6 months, received a utility shut-off, recently experienced domestic violence, have filed bankruptcy within the last 6 months, or your insurance was cancelled and you believe other plans are unaffordable.

To apply for an exemption, you can claim these exemptions when filing your 2014 taxes, and use the appropriate form from the link below

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